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Tesler Trading Review Is Tesler Investments REAL Or SCAM?

Tesler Trading Review Is Tesler Investments REAL Or SCAM? What is Tesler Trading APP All About? Is Tesler APP Legit? Where to Download Tesler APP To Start Earn Money online in 2017? here’s My Review About Tesler Investments Trading Software By Steven Abrahams

Trading APP Name: Tesler
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Tesler CEO: Steven Abrahams
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Tesler Trading

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Tesler Trading

With vast movement for trading gold as a commodity desired by the Tesler Trade investors, the need for more tools that help in the rapid completion of the purchase and sale of precious metal grew.

And gold traded in the futures exchange is one of the most important tools in this respect, as price movements witnessed great development since the disengagement dollar / gold ($35 per ounce) famous by the US President “Nixon” in 1971 and the resultant rise by up to 2200% in price during the nine years that followed its decision. And the price per ounce has reached about US $800 in 1980, before they enter into a downward path for nineteen almost year amounted to US $256 in 1999, while they have reversed its direction to rise to reach the level of a new record, surpassing US $1900 during the month of September 2011 . many of those who follow the gold price movement may not know how by which traded through futures exchange and a “CMI”, the largest in the global commodity futures market in general.

How is the transfer of gold to the futures exchange? It is not to be characterized by complex after obtaining gold high pristine after being mined, or if it is in the form of junk “on the body break down and used ornaments cutting and jewelry” and the completion of the purification and the production of alloys in the laboratory and refining companies standard specifications recognizable it is ready for delivery .

It is understood that gold bullion produced are either owned refining companies that have already bought from mines or that the work of these companies purification and refining them, and then sell it to some external customers. This must be companies working in this area to have a trademark registered and recognized, such as teslertrading.com the German group, which was founded in the mid-nineteenth century, The Tesler Trading Software company is not dependent only on its gold but includes Alinvath metals. How gold bullion trading in the stock market? After the arrival of bullion to the Futures Exchange warehouses right way they would be “eligible for trading,” where liberation delivery receipts, such as stocks and gold becomes a “registered.”

These receipts are working property with Tesler Trading APP that can be transferred from one party to another, while the holder pays storage costs, and often, these receipts remain with the brokerage firm that acts as a mediator in circulation, and the longer cases retain people with very rare they are like trading stocks and bonds which are not seen traders to acquired, but to make a profit from it. The most important factors affecting the US dollar gold price is necessary to be aware of the movements of the US dollar, as gold is linked to an inverse relationship with the dollar, which means that when the dollar is high, this adversely affect the price of gold started retreating extension, and vice versa if the dollar fell the gold will be heading teslerapp.org towards the rise.

Economic news should be on Tesler APP traders in the gold markets to allocate part of their time to follow economic news have an impact on the trends and the movements of the markets, for example, when the European crisis occurred, this negative impact on gold prices, and vice versa if the publication is some good news for the European markets this It will increase the purchasing power of the precious metal and therefore prices will rise.

Global economic growth that continued global economic growth will have a positive impact on the price of gold, which is considered the gold industry from more industries that are experiencing many of the developments at the level of the world, especially in light of the growing demand for precious in more countries consuming gone namely China Minerals rates http://teslerinvestments.com/ and India.

Is Tesler Real?

Why Trade with Tesler Trading Investments company? I always give Avatrid many bonus rewarding for any Jdidhtaml accounts to provide high leverage for its customers, thus contributing to the achievement of many of Tesler Investment company owns a support group distinct all languages ​​spoken linked directly with advisers Tesler Trading experts “and” support MQL5 “” offers the latest Direct News daily economic analyzes are Mstmristtia traders loading platform Tesler Investments site free of charge directly and the platform that you provide the company the advantage of being supported by many of the multiple systems that are suitable for devices that are running Android and IOS “” provides graphs and many different indicators, and provides orders taken profits and pending orders and stop loss, and is functioning Tesler Trading accurately and execution speed provides the size of a small deals starts from 0:01 they also provide Tesler Real starting from 0.8 PIP.

Tesler Trading System Software integrates with all options Trading brokers featuring Full Auto Trading Platform that utilizes Hedging trading strategies with Latest Tesla Signal Technology.